Blink 182 set to record new album

Blink 182 set to record new album

After Mark Hoppus’s announcement yesterday that he was hosting a show on Fuse TV, the Blink 182 bassist announced that new Blink 182 material is on the way. The band is currently preparing for their upcoming European tour and upon their return, they plan to record the material that they’ve been writing/will write. Mark says,

“When the European tour is finished, we head back and play ONE SHOW in Southern California. Then that is IT for live shows for the rest of 2010. When we have new Blink-182 music for you all, we will make it LOUD AND CLEAR. We’ll be screaming about it, you won’t be able to get away from us talking about it. And that moment is on the way. All of us have ideas from before and after the tour last summer, and are excited to get into the studio and see those ideas come to light. Simple as that.”

Blink’ Euro tour starts mid-August. Check their Dying Scene shows page for dates & locations!

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