Broadway Calls post update on new music

Broadway Calls post update on new music

Last August Oregonian pop-punk outfit Broadway Calls kicked out their bassist and announced they were working on new music. Well as of a few weeks ago, it looks like things are still moving steadily along.  Here’s the update from the band:

“It’s 2011. That means that I can say, unless something tragic happens, that Broadway Calls has a new record coming out sometime later this year. That’s pretty exciting eh? First batch of demos are done. We’ve been taking our time with it, and kind of treating it like we’re recording an EP or something. But chances are, unless you work at SideOneDummy or The Blasting Room, you’ll never hear these recordings. That’s ok though, because we really like all these songs, so hopefully they’ll be released in some form in the future. So, next step is sending them to the label and cross our fingers that they don’t tell us to start all over. That would be pretty devastating. They’re good people though, so I seriously doubt they would do that. Oh and we gotta keep writing. Don’t have enough for a full record yet. Ok. See ya.

The band’s latest album Good Views, Bad News was released in 2009 on Side One Dummy Records.

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