Buck O Nine are back and working on a new album

Buck O Nine are back and working on a new album

In a recent interview done on Punks In Vegas, Jon Pebsworth, lead singer of San Diego ska act Buck-O-Nine, revealed that after a near 4 year hiatus the band is once again working on new material.

Pebsworth says:

“Actually yeah, we’re going to start working on some songs in the next month or so. It’s hard sometimes for us because everyone is older and a lot of the guys are married and have kids and stuff and now our bass player lives south of Lake Tahoe in like Yosemite or something, way up there. And I live in LA, and the rest of the guys all still live in San Diego and are super spread out in San Diego County. So for all 7 of us to be in the same room together with our instruments in a proper rehearsal studio, or a proper garage or somewhere to practice, it makes the songwriting process pretty hard. But over this past weekend when we had our little road trip and played a couple shows we had some time to talk about it in the van and we came up with a plan that kind of involved the internet but kind of doesn’t. We thought we might try to do it a little unorthodox and I think we came up with a pretty good little strategy. But yeah, we should have something new recorded and done hopefully by the end of the year sometime or the first part of next year.”

Buck O Nine released their last album, “Sustain,” in 2007 on Asian Man Records.

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