Candy Ambulance (ffo: The Breeders) debut video for “Spray”

Candy Ambulance (ffo: The Breeders) debut video for “Spray”

STOP THE PRESS!! … O.k., here we go again… NYC grunge-punk trio Candy Ambulance has a steamy new video streaming for the hit title-track off their new EP “Spray”. That’s steamy as in clean, you jock!  Although, this one is designed with the idea of making all of you Dying Scene viewers itch a little.

In their own words, “We wanted to remind the slackers lying on the couch, masturbating to infomercials that they aren’t weird.” Well, hey! That’s you, fella! So take a load off and enjoy (like, seriously, in a non-creepy way) this sexy, sweaty, smokey, stress-y, rubber dish-glove wearing, vinyl spinning ode to great 90’s grunge-punk.

The quirky video for “Spray” was produced by Chromoscope Pictures highlighting  “the lyric’s reflection of raw and unbridled mania and boredom” in a perceptible homage to 90’s cinematography and is available for streaming on the boob-tube along with the band’s upcoming tour dates below. Cheers!

Upcoming Tour Dates
9/12 – BJ’s – Fredonia, NY
9/14 – The Drunken Donut – Joliet, IL
9/15 – The AUX – Chicago, IL
9/17 – Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
9/21 – Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS
9/23 – Magbar – Louisville, KY
9/28 – Queensbury Hotel – Glens Falls, NY

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