Chaser’s 4th Annual Punk Rock Desert Party

Chaser’s 4th Annual Punk Rock Desert Party

chaser-desert-partySouthern California, melodic punk act Chaser is throwing their 4th Annual Punk Rock Desert Party September 19th on a large plot of land in the desert of Apple Valley, CA.   The event consists of a lot of good music and plenty of dirtbike riding.

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This event is open to anyone and everyone. It will be on Saturday, Sept. 19th. Our family owns a lot of land in Apple Valley, CA, and it’s filled with dirtbike courses, trails, kickers, and wide open desert. We are inviting anybody who wants to come out and bring their bikes, quads, Trucks, 50’s, etc., and ride with us all day (Starts Saturday at around noon). Then at night, we will start partying and have bonfires, and CHASER will then play a live show, and then we will camp out and go home on Sunday morning. Everybody is welcome. It’s all-ages of course. The charge is only $5, and that includes food, soft drinks, water, and …Lost energy drinks. You bring your own booze. There will be restroom facilities as well. Feel free to come with your bike/quad, or without, most people come just for the show and party. There is a pool too, so bring your skimmies. Sleeping bags, blankets, and tents are also good items to have, or just sleep in your car/truck. Also, this year our friends Noise Attack will also be playing with us! Please send us a message if you have any questions or if you would like to go, and we’ll get you directions. Thanks.” -CHASER

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