Chris Fafalios (Punchline) writes and open letter to the fans

Chris Fafalios (Punchline) writes and open letter to the fans

How often do you see bands writing open letters to their fans justifying their new record, weeks before it’s scheduled to drop? that’s what Punchline bassist/vocalist Chris Fafalios did.

In the letter, Chris goes on to say how this is their best record yet, how they made a record that was what they are (pop-punk) instead of what they aren’t (hip hop or modern rock), and how everyone involved was at the high-point of their musical abilities and careers. Go ahead and read it for yourself here. Too long, didn’t read? The band wants you to check the album out, that you’ll love it. Oh, and that their fans are the greatest!

The band will be releasing their new album, Delightfully Pleased, August 10th on Modern Short Stories and TDR Records.

There are only 17 more days until Delightfully Pleased is released into the air and into human ears, like a butterfly that’s been kept in a jar with holes in the lid and plenty of butterfly food, water, and even a butterfly hammock. These are exciting times, especially for me, because I love to hear the feedback (not guitar feedback, I mean the other definition). I have been able to experience this many times before, but I feel like this time is special. I think that my buds and I have created a nice mixture of fun and meaningful music, and I am confident that anyone who has enjoyed our songs will enjoy this particular set of songs a whole lot.

With this album, we have not tried to be something that we’re not. With the talented group of people I am surrounded by in the band, we could’ve gone any direction we wanted to. We could’ve made a country album. We could’ve made a hip-hop album. We could’ve made a modern radio rock album to try to desperately get a song played on local rock radio. We could’ve made a weird album to try to be experimental that is nowhere near as good as our earlier albums. We didn’t do any of these things though. We did what we know best – we wrote a heartfelt, upbeat, rockin’ “pop-punk” album. And I am damn excited about that.

I feel like everyone involved in this album is at the high point (so far) of their musical career. Steve’s songwriting is so good nowadays that he should paid to write songs for all those little cute pop bands that get put together by record labels (that wasn’t meant to come off as bitter, I like all music, whether its real or not…I’m just a fan of good sounds). His voice has also come such a long way – he has become one of the best singers I know, and also one of the most distinctive. I don’t know anyone else who sounds like Steve. Having Paul back in the band has been incredible. He is an all-around musician who should be teaching music class, and I’m sure someday he will. His guitar playing often blows my mind, and his voice can easily give me goosebumps all over my hairy arms. Cory completely tore it up on the album, and he consistently tears it up in general. I feel lucky to be able to be a rhythm section with him. I got to play my bass with all of these dudes, which make me feel even luckier. I also feel such a close connection with this album because I got to contribute a whole lot lyrically with this album, much more than I have on the last few albums. And in my non-humble opinion, this is by far our best album lyrically (and in general).

I hope this doesn’t come off as cocky, but after many, many years as a band, if you don’t think you’re making something special, you probably shouldn’t be doing it anymore. I tend to listen to a lot of rap and hip-hop music, and I think a theme that is constantly brought up is how that particular person is “THE BEST”. No one is better. I’m not saying that about us. There are bands (Jellyfish, Radiohead, Ween, etc…) that are so damn good that they make me want to give up because I don’t think we’ll ever be that good. However, I do think that we’re damn good at what we do. We make feel-good music and songs of hope. That’s what I like, and that’s what I like to make.

We couldn’t have done this alone either. I feel very fortunate to have been able to work with Jamie Woolford and Mike Ofca on this album…both guys, in my opinion, are perfect musicmen. I’m not even sure if musicmen is a word, but I’ll try to use it in Words With Friends and see if it works. I was trying to avoid using the overused “genius”, but that might be the best way to describe them. Even the artwork for the album is perfection…sometimes you gotta take a look around at people you know and maybe you’ve overlooked someone who should’ve been doing your art all along…in our case, it was friend and Clevelander Justin Will.

I’m also very proud of what we’ve done so far with Modern Short Stories. I feel like we are right on the brink of being the best label around. Signing Spontaneo was the perfect move, being as they are a fantastic band and a great group of dudes. We didn’t even send Delightfully Pleased to a single record label to see if they wanted to put it out…we knew what we wanted to do – we wanted to co-release it with Mike Hollins (one of the hardest working dudes we’ve ever met) and TDR
Records. We also will be soon be announcing the next band that will release their album on MSS…it might not be a big surprise, but man am I psyched about it.

I just read back over this and I hope it doesn’t come off as too much. I just feel good about all of this and at least I’m being straight up and honest about how I feel about everything. I want to always be honest. I don’t want to fool anyone into buying our albums. I just want to keep making music and making a better album each time, until we are considered the best band that ever lived. Is that too much to ask?

For the record, we might not be the biggest band or sold the most records, but the people who do support us are the greatest ever. I’m not just saying that. Its a very cliche thing to say, but its true in this particular case. The response to our preorder has been overwhelming, and I want to thank everyone. Someday, I will do something nice for everyone. I hope I can think of something really good.

I’m done being ridiculous. I hope you all enjoy the album!

Chris Fafalios

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