Chris Fox (Skate Punk) Releases New Track “Photography” From Upcoming Album

Chris Fox (Skate Punk) Releases New Track “Photography” From Upcoming Album

Well, here’s some news that’s sure to make your Friday! Chris Fox (Boss’ Daughter, Vampirates) is releasing his second full-length album on August 2nd! Like his debut album, this newest offering (released via Voted Best Records) is titled Chris Fox and was written, produced and recorded by the man himself! It was recorded between May 2018 and May 2019 during minimal time off between tours, and in random locations across the west coast. Mr. Fox continues on his normal path of stripped down and built back up punk songs about friends, drinking, not drinking, and a slew of other relatable topics. The new eleven track LP includes the smash singles “All That I Know” “Help To Forget” and features art by the endlessly talented Joey Souza. The debut single, “Photography” was just released today on all your favorite digital music sites. But, if you wanna cram it in your ears now, (and peep the Photography Tour 2019 schedule as well as the track list) without all of the laborious clicking, head on down below!

*Side Note: Fox Land sounds AMAZING!!

Track list

1. Instruduction
2. Ace Of BAC/DC
3. All That I Know
4. Help To Forget
5. My Life, Your Life, Go Away
6. Instrulude
7. Photography
8. Stupider Chords, Stupider Words, Stupider Song
9. Singing About Drinking
10. Weak Week
11. Instruoutro

When you’ve had your fill of the new track, scoot over to Chris’ Bandcamp page and preorder the album! You know you wanna!

“The Hardest Working Man in Punk Rock” will be on tour forever, so be sure to follow his antics on Instagram at @christopherafox (#maximumparty) and to find out when he’s coming to your town….because he will be coming to your town, sooner or later!

Chris Fox – Photography Tour 2019

6/21 – Bremerton, WA – The Charleston
6/22 – Seattle, WA – The Kraken
6/24 – Bend, OR – The Capitol
6/25 – Salem, OR – Graveyard Bar
7/31 – Reno, NV – Downtown (album release party)
*Make sure you catch their set down at The FEST 18 this coming November, too! 

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