Album Review: Company L – self-titled EP

Album Review: Company L – self-titled EP

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The boys in Company L may be a fairly new band in the UK scene but they have experience in the form of Mike Scott, ex-Phinius Gage front man, who’s been around the block a few times. As you can probably guess, his former band is a top influencer of Company L’s sound and so is classic Fat Wreck fast and heavy hitters, Consumed. Released on the thriving indie British label Disconnect Disconnect Records, this EP brings out a raw’ish and dark recording which suits the style well. It works nicely since I truly believe that bands like Company L should have an element to their recorded music that makes you feel like you’re actually at a show. That is punk rock. On this recording you also hear a few tracks (4 and 6) that sound a little lower quality than the others, but don’t adjust your stereo, this is ’cause they were recorded as demos…case in point, the raw type recording. Smart move lads.

In terms of music, it might sound simple but this band is far more about the energy (which you can feel) on stage. Sometimes recordings cannot capture this but that’s life, right? The English accent is also very apparent as Mike brings it to the extreme when it comes to a foreigner listening to his voice for the first time. It’s genuine, no exaggeration. Lyric wise, Mike Scott, has always had thoughtful based ideas in his tunes and this time it doesn’t change. Politics, history, and daily life are the top of the list in terms of the message being spread to people.

At around 15 minutes, an appropriate time for an EP, this release might take you a few listens to appreciate and if you anticipated an exact Phinius Gage sound/style then you might be a bit disappointed. Been there, done that. Time to move on, so enjoy this EP and for the price online, you really cannot go wrong. There are many highlights such as the bass/the drive of the song “Back when Nick Griffin was gay” that brings me back to the old days of my youth. It’s releases like this one by Company L that tend to go under the radar and it’s a big damn shame.

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