Darkbuster announce first show in six years

Darkbuster announce first show in six years

For the second week in a row, we have the privilege of bringing you some pretty cool news from the Darkbuster camp. Last week, it was frontman Lenny Lashley‘s Dying Scene Session in which he premiered an acoustic rendition of “Believe In Packer,” the first new Darkbuster track in a decade (refresh your memory here).

Today’s news, as you can probably tell from the flier up above, is the first Darkbuster show since 2009! The show takes place at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on August 3rd. We’ll bring you more information (openers…the band’s actual lineup…) as it becomes available, but for now,  a quick recap in case you lost track of Darkbuster over the years: The band called it quits rather tumultuously not long after their 2005 album A Weakness for Spirits, and have only resurfaced in various formats a few times in the years since, most recently for an appearance at the Mighty Mighty Bosstones‘ Hometown Throwdown in 2009.

A new song last week? A live show announcement this week? Kinda seems like maybe we’re building toward something a little bigger doesn’t it? Stay tuned…

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