Darkbuster announce new album “No Revolution”

Darkbuster announce new album “No Revolution”

After a lengthy period of inactivity, Boston punk veterans Darkbuster are back in full force, and they’re gearing up to release a new full-length album titled No Revolution!

The album will release on CD August 7th and on vinyl September 4th via Pirates Press Records, who say it’s “a record that can be loved and appreciated equally by a fourty-something who knows every single classic Darkbuster tune and has seen them a hundred times, or a fresh-cut teenager who hears them for the first time.”

Check out the full tracklist for No Revolution below, and stay tuned for more details on the follow-up to 2005’s A Weakness For Spirits.

No Revolution tracklist:

1. Many Moons
2. No Fear
3. Jimmy Needs
4. Believe in Packer
5. No Revolution
6. Prevost
7. Only Girl
8. Lil’ Junkie
9. Swillies Lament (Liquor)
10. Punk Rock’s Not Dead

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