Dead Kennedys debut new material

Dead Kennedys debut new material

According to, ’80s punk rock legends Dead Kennedys performed what are apparently two brand new songs — “Area 51” and “You’re Such a Fake” — during their October 16, 2010 concert at the Rock And Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C. In addition, the band played a reworked version of the old song “MTV Get Off the Air”, now re-titled “MP3 Get Off the Web”, with lyrics that were “changed to be about people downloading MP3s and how much they suck for doing it.”

“Area 51” and “You’re Such A Fake” are said to be the first new songs from Dead Kennedys since the release of the band’s last album, Bedtime for Democracy, in 1986, but there is no word if they will result in a new album. And speaking of new material, the band is embarking on their first tour in two years.

Fan-filmed video footage of the performance can be viewed here.

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