Download The Riot Before’s new EP “Fists… Out Of Sockets” for free

Download The Riot Before’s new EP “Fists… Out Of Sockets” for free

the-riot-before-fists-out-of-socketsThe Riot Before have released a new EP, “Fists… Out Of Sockets” on Paper + Plastic Records, and you can download of all seven of the EP’s songs for free right here.

The album is is a bit of a departure for the band as they reworked songs from their last album (“Fists Out of Pockets”) to more of an acoustic setting and included some other interesting instrumentation. Here’s what the band had to say about it:

Fists…Out of Sockets represents a fun departure for us. When Vinnie first suggested we release an acoustic version of Fists, my initial idea was to just sit down in a room alone and knock it all out first take, but then I got to thinking and realized that we have a lot of really talented friends, and decided it would be fun to bring them into the recording process. With that in mind, we recruited our friend Patrick Ball to engineer and produce, and got to work re-recording 7 of the songs from Fists Buried in Pockets in his basement. We convinced some incredible musicians we knew to contribute horns and cello on a few songs and we’re all really excited how it turned out. These recordings are not at all intended to be a hint at things to come for us, rather, they represent a fun time spent recording with friends, seeing what else could be done with songs that we as a band are all still very proud of. Sometimes that led to a major reconstruction, while other times it meant removing a lot of what had been there. What we ended up with came out better than I had imagined, which had a lot less to do with us and more to do with everyone else involved, especially Patrick. We hope you enjoy it.

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