Drag the River announce “Primer,”  a get-to-know-us collection

Drag the River announce “Primer,” a get-to-know-us collection

suburbanhomeDrag the River will be releasing “Primer” on European label Viva Hate Records to help familiarize Europeans with the band as they promote their European tour with Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves this December. The release will be a compilation of previously released tracks that showcase some fan favorites and exemplify the band’s variety of styles.  Rather than have their U.S. fans pay import prices for it, they decided to make a one time pressing of 1,000 copies to be released on Suburban Home Records, but no news yet on the release date.

Band members, Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price, selected songs from all of their albums to round out the 20 song collection. Take a look at the album cover and track listing here.


DRAG THE RIVER “Primer” Track Listing

1. Brookfield
2. Rangement
3. Beautiful & Damned
4. Me & Joe Drove Out To California
5. Waylon
6. Strange
7. She Used To Smile
8. Hang-Dog
9. Sterilize
10. Crocodile Wings
11. Modern Drunkard
12. Having A Party (Sam Cooke)
13. Medicine
14. Calloused Heart #2
15. Get Drunk
16. Br00tal
17. Oxes & Horses
18. Bug Country
19. Hybrid Moments (The Misfits)
20. Dancin’ In The Moonlight (Thin Lizzy) – live at Brian and Liv’s Wedding

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