Drive A gets bus robbed while sleeping in it

Drive A gets bus robbed while sleeping in it

LA punk band Drive A have just been added to the very long list of bands who have been robbed while on the road.  Unlike most victims who just have their trailer full of gear stolen while out partying, these guys managed to get their bus cleaned out whilst sleeping in it.  Not sure exactly how that is possible but here is the official announcement:

This past Tuesday night, as band members and crew slept on their bus while parked in an underground garage located in an area frequented by transients, an unidentified person entered the vehicle and made off with money, food, booze, clothing and an iPod, while leaving their gear untouched.

The band is taking it in stride, as front Bruno Mascolo explains, “I guess to make it in music these days you have to fully commit yourself, even if it means your home away from home being raided by homeless people on occasion. That being said, the next homeless person that asks us for change, we will be checking his pocket for our ipod. I’m just glad everyone is okay.”

The band released their last album, “The World In Shambles” on April 5th.

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