DS Exclusive: Coral Springs (Netherlands) stream new album, “Always Lost, Never Found”

DS Exclusive: Coral Springs (Netherlands) stream new album, “Always Lost, Never Found”

Melodic Dutch punkers, Coral Springs, have authorized, for the private listening pleasure of all you faithful young scenesters, the exclusive premiere of Always Lost, Never Found – their debut full-length coming at you via Umlaut, and SBAM Records, officially, on February 22.  However, you can take a listen super-duper-officially a couple days early, below.

Here are twelve topnotch pop punk songs, arranged cleverly and played fast, striking semblance with bands like Tsunami Bomb and No Use For a Name despite crediting much poppier acts among their influences. It’s a great collaborative mixture of pop, punk rock, and (snide-y voice*) emo. Similar to The Ramones and Descendents, Coral Springs is a band where each member gets their say both musically and lyrically.

“The album is a blend of the five personalities in this band,” says newest addition to the group, Joris, who is seen as a sort of savior from stagnation, and stepped in after the recent departure of one of Coral Springs’ founding guitarists. “Every band member poured their heart and soul into the songs and the record reflects that.”

“While assembling the record we concluded that ‘loss’ seemed to be an overarching theme,” Timon says. “Whether it’s about losing yourself or losing sight of old friends. ‘Always Lost, Never Found’ seemed to be the perfect way to summarize this.”

Lead singer Jo’s vocal range finds harmony in dissonant or sped up meter, and prowls along dynamic picking parts dreamily, navigating breakdown riffs with ease and inspiring what can only be carefree surmise and placation.

I’d like to give props to Coral Springs for a stellar record, and to the PR team at Umlaut Records for paying homage to us “beautiful wordsmiths” with such kind words… After all, a little buttering up never hurt anybody. 😉 Enjoy the tracks. Much love, and peace.

Pre-order that album here.

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