DS Exclusive Interview:  Spike Slawson has a quick chat about Me First and The Gimme Gimme’s, in English

DS Exclusive Interview: Spike Slawson has a quick chat about Me First and The Gimme Gimme’s, in English

If there is one thing you need to know about Me First and The Gimme Gimmes it’s that they probably spend more effort on their hilarious photo shoots than the entire recording process of their albums.  That said, it does take some effort rejuvenating old songs to make them attractive to a whole new audience.

Spike Slawson dropped by our office, and by office I mean my inbox, to have a quick chat about singing in Japanese.  Check out the interview here.

Given that you learned how to sing the songs, not the language, would your grasp on the language now be better, about the same, or worse than when you started this?

Grasp on Japanese the same. As in, nil. Helps me maintain ugly american persona when actually there. They love that.

Japanese is a notoriously difficult language to learn.  Are there any tips or tricks you’d give to someone trying to learn the language? Like writing it out phonetically perhaps?

The folks I know who have learned Japanese have learned it conversationally first. I would imagine there are lots of foreigners there who can speak and comprehend pretty well, but can’t read a word (or symbol). A friend of Mike’s wrote all the stuff out phonetically for me, so…

You’ve done Australia, now Japan.  What are the Gimme’s favourite things about Japan that most tourists wouldn’t experience?

Perusing death porn in back-alleys in Tokyo (they have shit porn, too). Getting locked in cages, and beaten and humiliated (erotically, of course).

What are a few things you would advise anyone NOT to do whilst in Japan?

See number 3.

How did the band go about picking the artists and songs for this EP?  Did you have help from anyone in particular?

Yes, we had lots of help. It was a friend of Mike’s who suggested the songs, I believe.

I’ve previously spoken to Joey about the Gimme’s who told me that you’ll probably continue to put together music in the EP format as that’s the best way you guys can be active while being scattered all over the world, all the time.  How is releasing music in this format working for you so far?

So far, so good. Shit is like diarrhea otherwise.

What made the Gimme’s decide to focus geographically rather than by genre or time period?

A big perk with this band is being able to go places that we enjoy, and when you sing in someone’s language there’s a decent likelihood that they’ll pay you to go there.

Gimme’s is probably the only covers band on the planet that could be deemed as “cool.”  Why do you think the punks have been so welcoming when it comes to the Gimme’s?

I resent the insinuation that the gimmes are cool, or that there is such a thing as punk. People dig having a good time, especially after earthquakes, tsunamis and radiation.

You’ve done Australia and now Japan, and expressed interest in Spanish, German and French for sometime in the future.  Where in the world will the Gimme’s turn up next?

The dole queue, along with everybody else.

Any final words to the readers of DyingScene?

Listen to Los Panchos!

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