DS Exclusive Interview: The Flatliners (Dying Scene Sessions)

DS Exclusive Interview: The Flatliners (Dying Scene Sessions)

Today we bring you the second part of our Dying Scene Sessions with The Flatliners. In addition to the band performing a couple of tracks for us, they also did a 15 minute long video interview where they talk about everything…seriously. Watch it here. For those of you wondering what the inspiration behind the song “Eulogy” is, you’ll finally be able to relax as the band tells you exactly what it means. You can also check the band’s choices for their “Top 10 albums of 2010” at the end of the video.

The Sessions were shot at Underworld Skate Shop where guitarist Scott and guitarist/vocalist Chris perform acoustic versions of their classic songs “Monumental” and “Count Your Bruises.” Watch them here.

The video was shot by our Canadian friends at Raw Cut Media.  Go check out their Youtube for tons of live performances from the best bands in music!

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