DS Exclusive:  Roger Miret and The Disasters discuss their roots, recordings and NYHC

DS Exclusive: Roger Miret and The Disasters discuss their roots, recordings and NYHC

So that jolly fat man should have given you all some wicked shit for Christmas and now we at Dying Scene are bringing you something awesome to read.  Roger Miret, who is the front man from seminal hardcore band Agnostic Front, recently sat down with Dying Scene to talk about his other project, Roger Miret and The Disasters.   We talked about what drives the man and his music and you can read all about it here.

What has driven the maturation of the Roger Miret and the Disasters sound?

I think the time away from the band between the last record really gave us time to grow. We wrote this album because we wanted to so the songs are very natural. The sound of the band has actually regressed in a way.  It’s more paying homage to our roots of punk and hardcore bands. I’m from the hardcore scene so that influence is always gonna come through strong and with this album its no different. Its more direct. Its faster too which I like.  It really captures the energy of the band.

How does the song writing process work for RMATD?

Well normally we get together for a month or so and write but for this album since we didn’t even have a label we just started writing. We had no real plans of an album but we just started writing these songs we all loved.  We hit the studio in two different sessions and before we knew it we had like 15-16 songs. No pressure or nothing.  It just worked out great.

Do the references that are inevitably drawn between Roger Miret and the Disasters and Agnostic Front affect you in any way?  If so, how?

I think in the start people were checking us out obviously cause of AF which was great but The Disasters really have there own thing. I’m in to the
car culture etc so this band is obviously linked to that. We’re a lot more of a rock n roll punk band. I definitely draw from the same influences but
it just comes out different.

When you first started Roger Miret and the Disasters. Did you put an expiration date on it?  –IE did you say you would only do it for a certain length of time?

No. We just really wanted to do what do and see where it takes us. Its really been a great time so far. We’ve done stuff that AF never got the chance to do so in that way I’m really grateful. You never know whats gonna happen day to day in this business which is what makes it so great.

There has been a long break in between Roger Miret and the Disasters albums.  Has touring and writing for Roger Miret and the Disasters been a difficult task to coordinate given all your other exploits?

I think with both bands its a little hard but I like to stay busy. I’m fortunate enough that I have great people in both bands that really keeps it all going.   It takes a lot of time writing, rehearsing and touring etc but it’s very much a band effort. When i’m working on one band usually the other band is working on shit so when I get time I can pick back up again and switch over.

Obviously you have a lot of crossover fans from both Roger Miret and the Disasters and Agnostic Front. Yet both bands are somewhat different.  Has the response to both from the fans been at all surprising and how so?

The AF fans are great. The Disasters get a lot of older AF fans. People who have supported me through the years. Those people are a little more open minded. Some of the younger kids just like the faster HC stuff which is fine too. You cant please everybody ya know. In general though, response is always really good. Most AF fans are punk or HC fans who love music so theyre into both bands.

Does the inspiration for the Roger Miret and the Disasters songs come from a different place than that of Agnostic Front?

Not really. I’m a HC kid at heart. Thats where I’m from. It always comes out. Its funny, ya know a lot people might get sick of 14 songs about NYC and the NYHC scene but nobody complains about Bruce Springsteen or Sinatra. Its where I’m from. It’s who I am. I write from the heart. My shit ain’t fictional stories about being locked up. Its real.

Which bands have had the most influence on Roger Miret and the Disasters?

Probably The Clash and The Ramones. I’m also a HUGE Blondie fan too.

Do you plan on touring to support this album? And where?

Yeah were about to hit the West Coast with Matt Freemans new band, Devils Brigade and then we’re going to Europe in April or May.

Roger, you do not seem like the type of person that can sit still. You have 2 very successful bands. A successful clothing line and you seem to always be writing or touring. What is next for Roger Miret?

I’m actually compiling a book at the moment. Its been a long time in the writing and planning stages but I’d love to get it finished. I’m a true New Yorker at heart so I keep very occupied! Can’t stand still! I spend a lot of time with my children too… but everything put together is what keeps me motivated! I really can’t wait to finish the book!

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