DS Exclusive: Stream “Howling At The Moon” off upcoming Blacklist Royals album “Semper Liberi”

DS Exclusive: Stream “Howling At The Moon” off upcoming Blacklist Royals album “Semper Liberi”

blacklist-royals-semper-liberi-album-artThe release of Blacklist Royals upcoming album Semper Liberi is but a month away and to whet your appetite the band has leaked the track Howling At The Moon right here on Dying Scene.

If you’re unfamiliar with the punk ‘n roll tunes of these Nashville natives, now is a great chance to remedy that.  And speaking of “remedies”, being that it’s 4/20 Nat (guitar/vocals) thought it would be prudent to share with you all his recipe for “Weed Shine”.  What is Weed Shine?  Good question.  Here’s what Nat had to say about it:

I’ve drank Weed Shine twice in my life. The first time was at The Fest Seven when my friend and his wife brought some down to Gainesville, and the result was me projectile-vomiting the gyro I had eaten before our show all over the Holiday Inn. The second time was on New Year’s Eve the same year, and again the result was me projectile-vomiting the sushi I had eaten earlier that night all over the world famous Matt Drastic’s newly remodeled bathroom. Though both stories have the same ending, what happened in-between was totally fucking trippy. So if you’re interested in riding a wolf through the Milky Way and spending some time having out of body experiences, then celebrate 4/20 by making up a fresh batch of this shit. And hell, anyone who wants to bring your boys in Blacklist Royals a little when we’re on tour next month is sure to get some free merch and tons of love in return, or at least thrown up on.

Semper Liberi is being released on vinyl and digitally May 25th on Paper + Plastick.  The band will be hitting the road in support of the album in mid May so check out their Dying Scene Shows page for dates and locations.


[Audio:howling-at-the-moon.mp3|titles=Howling At The Moon|artists=The Blacklist Royals]


Dying Scene does not endorse the use of “Weed Shine.” In fact, if you try this recipe you’re an idiot and didn’t get the idea from us. We don’t have any recollection of this post, we’ve never heard of you, and you have the wrong number…WRONG NUMBER!

Weed Shine Recipe:

Ingredients Needed
– One liter bottle of your favorite whiskey.
– A quarter bag of marijuana.
– An empty 1 liter container.
– Strainer.
– Refrigerator.

– Put the marijuana into the whiskey bottle.
– Refrigerate up to two weeks, until the whiskey has turned green.
– Using a strainer, pour your fresh batch of Weed Shine into a new bottle.
– Drink and trip your fucking ass off.

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