DS Exclusive: The Castor Troys stream new EP, “Legends Never Die”

DS Exclusive: The Castor Troys stream new EP, “Legends Never Die”

The Castor Troys are a hard punk/rock band out of Hamilton, ON, for fans of Silverstein, Rise Against, and The Offspring. They will be self-releasing a new EP, Legends Never Die, on November 9, 2018. Luckily for all you young Dying Scensters, we’ve got the first-peak at those tracks here for you, today. The band will make the album available through CDBaby, here. Read that story and check out the exclusive stream below.

The Castor Troys burst onto the Ontario scene in 2013 averaging 40+ shows a year, and playing with the likes of Silverstein, Frank Turner, and The Planet Smashers. They dropped their debut full-length, Come Hell or High Water in 2015, and have since spent their time rocking around southern-Ontario playing a myriad of different shows from vinyards and peach festivals to honky-tonks, pubs, and dives. The band has drawn inspiration from a slew of sources including Social Distortion, Iron Maiden, Motörhead and The Offspring, and somehow managed to harness that eclecticism into a big, atypical, alternative punk rock sound that seems destined for grandiose festival stages with towering speakers, and could definitely have found a place in the early 2000’s punk movement with AFI, The Dropkick Murphys and Rise Against.

Story-tellers at heart, the band writes songs about war heroes, bank robbers and clandestine lovers. It’s music for the armed and dangerous. The Castor Troys are “running down the dream”with heavy, bouncy riffs, heavy-metal solos and choruses of gang chants reminding us that “there’s no honor amongst thieves” and that “on and on my friends… legends never die.”

Included on the EP is a sped-up Tom Petty cover of “Running Down the Dream” which definitively rounds out some of those classic-rock nods the band makes consistently throughout the album. Give it a listen and see for yourself. Enjoy!

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