DS Staff Picks – 10 best albums of 2010 (Lauren Mills)

DS Staff Picks – 10 best albums of 2010 (Lauren Mills)

Well, another year is drawing to a close. People are gearing up for the holidays and it’s almost time to start creating your New Year’s resolution list. But before we begin looking to the future, let’s employ a different kind of list to help us appreciate the past. You know what I’m talking about. Yep, a Top Ten list! Each day I’m going to publish a different editor’s Top 10 albums of 2010 list for you to praise, completely disagree with, or just outright ignore.

Today’s list comes from Dying Scene’s own Lauren Mills. You can check out her picks for the 10 Best Albums of 2010 right here.

Top ten lists are always so difficult to write. Every year that I try and write one, I find it almost impossible to remember everything I’ve heard over the last 365 days and narrow it down to just 10 stand out albums. After a few weeks of racking my brain, here’s my top ten list along with some honorable mentions. I hope all of you wonderful Dying Scene readers out there have an enjoyable holiday season! Be sure to crank up that stereo and try to stay warm.


10. DC Fallout – “Retreat!”

Great political punk rock that everyone should check out!


9. Flatfoot 56 – “The Black Thorn”

Celtic punk done right!

8. Authority Zero – “Stories of Survival”

As a follower of Authority Zero for many years I have to say this is their finest and most diverse effort yet.

7. Comeback Kid – “Symptoms and Cures”

CBK’s latest album is fantastic! This is some awesome fast and furious melodic hardcore. I think Andrew Neufeld has definitely stepped up his game in the vocal department too. Great release from an always evolving band.

6. Iron Chic – “Not Like This”

Formed from the ashes of several great bands like Small Arms Dealer and Latterman so you know that your in for a treat. “Not Like This” is extremely catchy and fun. You can grab a free download of it right here!

5. Cancer Bats – “Bears, Mayors Scraps and Bones”

Toronto’s hardcore heroes unleashed a grimy, break-neck assault that’s not for the faint of heart but well worth a listen. They offer up a monstrous sound with dead on vocals. combining elements from punk, sludge metal and old school hardcore which makes for a brilliant album. Favorite tracks include “Black Metal”, “Doomed to Fail” and “Trust No One”.

4. Street Dogs – “Self-Titled”

Street Dogs add one more passionate working class punk album to their already impressive catalog. Punk and Roll jams, fist pumping sing-alongs, what more do you need?

3. The Flatliners – “Cavalcade”

Ah yes, The Flatliners! What can I say? These guys get better with each album. I really like their ska-infused debut “Destroy to Create” but am also very pleased with how their sound has evolved to more straight up punk rock.  These Ontario punks have really outdone themselves with a fast-paced melodic punk album that never leaves my playlist.

2. Off With Their Heads – “In Desolation”

This album is bound to be on the majority of punk fans’ top ten lists this year. Off With Their Heads serve up the perfect soundtrack for misery. It’s surprising how good I feel after listening to such soul-crushing yet sincere lyrics. Ryan Young’s rugged vocals and the band’s catchy sound are a lethal combination. With the exception of a few releases Epitaph has been distancing themselves from their punk origins over the past decade. Bands like Off With Their Heads put them back on the map.

1. Sick of it All – “Based on a True Story”

New York hardcore veterans Sick of it All prove why after 24 years in the hardcore scene, they are still a force to be reckoned with. It’s truly a fantastic album from start to finish. It’s difficult to top 2006’s “Death to Tyrants” but they managed to do so with great song-writing, solid production and a sound that’s as heavy as you can get in the hardcore genre without doing what so many other hardcore bands have done, cross into metalcore. They know their roots and represent them well. Hardcore punk fans young and old should pick this up.

* Honorable Mentions: Bad Religion – “The Dissent of Man”, Chaser – “The Big Picture”, Broadcast Zero – “Some Concerns Regarding This Revolt”, The Gamits – “Parts”, Dopamines – “Expect the Worst”, The Riot Before – “Rebellion”, Lowtalker – “People Worry About Everything EP ”   Make Do & Mend – “End Measured Mile”, Samuel Caldwell / In Bad Taste split, Such Gold – “Pedestals EP”, Terror – “Keepers of the Faith”, Bitter End – “Guilty as Charged”, Lower Than Atlantis – “Far Q”, Tony Sly – “12 Song Program”, Frank Turner – “Rock n’ Roll EP”, Joey Briggs – “Politics, Touring & Self Loathing EP” No Trigger – “Be Honest EP”, None More Black – “Icons”

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