Dying Scene Interview: I Am Ghost

Dying Scene Interview: I Am Ghost

i-am-ghost-band-photoHailing from Long Beach California, dark rock act I Am Ghost has been making music since 2004 after being formed by vocalist Steven Juliano, who was determined to create music one way or another. One EP and two LP’s later, “Those We Leave Behind,” was the ending result. Wrapping up a handful of intimate shows throughout the Orange Country terrain, I Am Ghost plans to take a miniature break before hitting the road again come Fall and also plans on shooting a brand new video for “Bone Garden.” DyingScene’s Natalie Perez was able to catch up with Steven a few hours before the band hit the stage to record their first live album this past Monday. To check out the entire interview click here.

1. Tonight you plan to record your first live album, is there a reason why you chose the Chain Reaction, and why now?

Steven: We really proud of our live shows. Most of the kids who have seen us live get more of the real raw energy than compared to listening to our studio recorded albums. We really wanted to capture a live performance we could be proud of and to be honest, I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to do it or not. I think this album will turn on more kids to the band because we are a live band more than anything else.. we’re not a studio band like others out there. Some studio bands only sound good in the studio and then when you get to see them live you’re like “eh,” so we wanted to see what we could do with this live album. The Chain Reaction is a perfect setting for us. Our hometown shows are always fun, and this place has a rich history with us. It was where we had our first show ever and we love to come back here again and again.

2. What’s the secret show you guys plan on having?

Steven: It’s a small show this Friday at a place called Dipiazzas’ in Long Beach with our friend’s band, Vanity XO. They asked us to play with them and we agreed as long as no one knew we’d be performing. Thus, the secret show. It’s a small place that only holds 200 people, and it’s really intimate. It has a full bar, but it’s all ages, and it’s going to be a party more than anything else. Its $5 if you’re over 21 and $8 if you’re under 21.

3. Is there any work being done on the next album or music video?

Steven: We are shooting a music video in August for the song “Bone Garden”. We now have a budget, actors and stuff to use so we’re really excited and anxious to start working on it. Another album probably won’t be in the works for a while because “Those We Leave Behind,” is out right now and it hasn’t even been a year since the release. Usually bands tour a good year before they go back and write another album. So we’re basically going to be touring for the next 6 or 7 months and then take some time off and write the next album.

4. When you guys started this band, where did you see it going?

Steven: Originally this band was just something we did for fun and we definitely didn’t think we’d get signed so quickly. We thought we’d be your typical local scene-type band.  We made a demo by ourselves because we wanted to get shows. We didn’t do it to get signed; we didn’t do it to get big. We just loved the venues around L.A.  Those venues told us “We’ll book you if you have a demo,” since then it just blew up. We were the ones more surprised more than anyone else actually.

5. Did you ever see yourself being a “professional” musician?

Steven: If you would have told me 5 or 6 years ago I’d be doing this for a living I’d probably laugh, because I’ve tried countless  times with other bands to get signed. It never worked out.  No one wanted to sign my last band. So I decided with this band just to have fun with it and the rest is history.

6. What keeps you guys going?

Steven: The fans of course. Every band tends to tour for about a month and when you get back you realize that it’s a hard job. You’re not able to see your family, friends, and loved ones and since you’re always out on the road you sometimes wonder “why do I do this?”. But when you see 50 to 500 kids singing along, going crazy for you, that’s the feeling that really keeps me going.

7.  Have there ever been any major road bumps where you ever thought you had enough of the band?

Steven: I’ve never thought of giving up, but its definitely hard when it comes to losing members. We’ve gone through 4 different members since the band started. Losing Kurt and Brian was hard for us to handle.

8. How long do you see yourselves doing this? What do you want to accomplish with I Am Ghost?

Steven: I want to do this for as long as I can whether it’s another year or if it’s another 10 years. We are all 100% into this band and enjoy every minute of it.  We’ll do anything we can do to get us as far as we can possibly go.

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