Dying Scene is giving away 100% of its profits to their first 5,000 facebook friends!

Dying Scene is giving away 100% of its profits to their first 5,000 facebook friends!

After just 1 year of operation we are proud to say that DyingScene.com has surpassed all our expectations in terms of growth and popularity.  Today our prolific rise to punk rock famedom was made all the more clear by the fact that we reached 5,000 friends on Facebook!  Man, we are popular.  To commemorate the event we decided it was time to bust out our financial spreadsheets, fire up our TI-85 calculators and tally up just how lucrative this little venture of ours has gotten.

Just thinking about the piles of money we must surely be bringing in as the web’s premiere punk news resource had us rubbing our greasy palms together and drooling at the mouth in greedy anticipation.  But then we had an epiphany.  Where would we be without our readers?  The answer was, “nowhere,” or more accurately, “at home, sitting in front of our computers in our underwear, surrounded by great music but not a single person to share it with.”  We realized just then that we’re sharers, not greedy horders; so we made a decision.  A monumental decision.  Before crunching the numbers and calculating our massive profits we made a promise to ourselves and to those first readers that helped catapult us into to the upper echelons of punk rock greatness.  That promise was to give 100% of all profits made by DyingScene.com since its inception and up to this very day, to our 5,000 original Facebook friends as a little “thank you” for their support.

So, with clear consciences and noble intentions, we got back to those spreadsheets, tallied up our massive advertising revenue and began subtracting our meager expenses.  And that’s when it hit us like a ton of bricks.  It would seem that we actually don’t make any profits running Dying Scene.  In fact, insisting that our teams of accountants run the numbers again, it turns out we actually lose money running this damn site!  Who knew?!

Our accountants say that our “profits” so far are technically somewhere in the neighborhood of negative $20,000.  But fair is fair.  We made a promise to our readers and by God, we would keep that promise!  Once again we had our accountants return to their calculators, this time to divide up those profits amongst our 5,000 friends.  And now, in honor of our very first and very loyal readers, we would like to offer you first 5k FB friends your due reward.  If you are friends with us on facebook, simply email us your address and we will promptly send you a bill for $4.

Thank you,

Johnny X

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