Evergreen Terrace announces track list for album “Almost Home”

Evergreen Terrace announces track list for album “Almost Home”

Almost HomeEvergreen Terrace have announced the track listing for their upcoming full length, “Almost Home,” which is set to be out September 29th on Metal Blade Records. Guitarist Josh James says:

We’ve always had a lot of pop culture references in our song titles and this record is no exception. Before we even started writing new songs we already have a list of titles from books, movies, and comedians. Half of the song titles on this record are pulled from the lyrics. The others are pop culture references that relate to the lyrical content.

To see the track listing, take a look at the Full Story page.

The band will begin their tour with Emmure starting September 2nd.  Check out the Dying Scene Shows page to see if they are playing near you.

Almost Home track listing:
1. Enemy Sex
2. Almost Home (III)
3. God Rocky is This Your Face?
4. We’re Always Losing Blood
5. Sending Signals
6. Mario Speedwagon
7. Failure to Operate
8. Hopelessly Hopeless
9. The Letdown
10. I’m a Bulletproof Tiger
11. Not Good Enough

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