Fallen From The Sky recording new album

Fallen From The Sky recording new album

Boca Raton punk act, Fallen From The Sky, will be heading out to California later this month to begin tracking for a yet-to-be-titled follow up to their debut, Tonight We Radiate (Eulogy Recordings). The effort will be produced by Shaun Lopez (Far, Deftones) sharing time at both his own Airport Studios in Burbank as well as Hurley Studios in Costa Mesa.

Drummer Giancarlo “Jim” Aservi notes, “We’ve spent the last 7+ months hard at work writing, practicing & demoing and the outcome is some of the strongest material our band has ever written.” He adds, “We’ve all been long time fans of Shaun’s work, both as a producer and musician, and we feel he is exactly what we need to create an album that will set us apart from our peers. A good producer can have a tremendous affect on the end result [of a record] and we feel this experience will definitely have a major impact on the band. We want Shaun to feel like the 6th member of FFTS, adding in his knowledge and expertise to songs we are already very confident about, hoping to take this album to the next level.”

Tonight We Radiate was released in 2008.

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