Fat Wreck Chords signs bluegrass punk act Old Man Markley

Fat Wreck Chords signs bluegrass punk act Old Man Markley

Wow!  Seems like it’s been a while but Fat Wreck Chords has finally added a new band to their roster.  And this one is a bit different sounding than the typical Fat signing.  Old Man Markley is a 9 piece bluegrass punk band from Los Angeles and if you have no idea what bluegrass punk sounds like you can stream the band’s song “For Better, For Worse” right here.  The track will appear on a 2 song 7-inch of the same name, which is slated for release October 26th on Fat.

The band also has plans to release a new full-length on Fat in early 2011.

You can see what Fat and Old Man Markley had to say about the signing right here.

Fat Wreck says:

When I hear someone say ‘newgrass’ I’m usually thinking it’s got something to do with a dealer getting a new connection or a dumb thing about resurfacing an outfield, but for the kids in Old Man Markley it’s more of a way of life. Nine punks playing together since 2007 with a penchant for old timey porch type shit and red white and blue acoustic guitars? Violins? Girls in the band? A fucking homemade washtub bass??? That’s right folks, we heard their album and had to have them.

Joey of OMM says:

The night was moist. It was a Tuesday. We all sat patiently at Mark Stern of Youth Brigade’s house (name drop #1), glaring at a cell phone. It rang. Fat Mike (name drop #2) was on the other end. He said he wanted to put out the studio record we had already recorded (with Joby Ford from the Bronx, name drop #3) but not released yet. We said cool. We decided to wait until January to release the album and a 7” in October. It’s a lot easier to start with 7” and work up to 12”. “For Better, For Worse” would be the A-side and we thought a punk cover would be good for the b-side of the 7”. Screeching Weasel’s “The Science of Myth” was something we had fiddled around with, pun intended, and FM was down. We worked out an OMM arrangement and knocked out the song in a 17 hour day (with Jason La Rocca from the Briggs, name drop #4). The rest is future history.

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