Fellow bands speak out in support of Rise Against’s decision to bow out of Buzz Bake Sale

Fellow bands speak out in support of Rise Against’s decision to bow out of Buzz Bake Sale

rise-against-bandYesterday Rise Against announced that they were bowing out from headlining the Buzz Bake Sale in Florida this December after finding out that the event was to be sponsored by the US Army’s Recruitment Department (if this is news to you get caught up here).  As a result, the band has experienced some backlash from some radio stations and fans, but a few fellow bands quickly spoke out in support of Rise Against’s decision.

Click to the Full Story to see statements from Anti-Flag, FLOBOTS and Thursday.

“We’ve found that people in the Armed Forces tend to understand firsthand the value of standing up for what you believe in, so I think they’ll respect this decision. They know that there is a huge difference between supporting the troops and supporting the recruitment of young people to fight wars started by politicians. Anyone who knows Rise Against knows how much they care about the troops.”-Jonny 5, FLOBOTS

“Playing Rise Against songs on a stage sponsored by the army is contrary to the beliefs of the very songs. Militarism is not the solution to the problems we face in this world today. That is the very dialogue that Rise Against is trying to create with their songs and this statement. The fact is that Rise Against care about all men and women, INCLUDING the men and women that serve in the military. We have seen these very people sent in to harm’s way without just cause too many time. It is because of this misuse of the US Army, that a band like Rise Against must make this statement.”-Number 2, ANTI-FLAG

“Radio stations like the Buzz have made their name playing artists who think outside of conventional musical paradigms. It’s sad that they are undermining their artists’ beliefs by bullying them and calling them names when they have a difference of opinion. Implying that a band like Rise Against, truly one of the most compassionate and sincere bands around today, is anti-troop or antiwar, is a bold-faced lie. Rise Against is an American band against a specific US war. Period. That makes them a part of our great national debate AND quite patriotic. “-Geoff Rickley, THURSDAY

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