Finch officially call it quits

Finch officially call it quits

Influential post-hardcore act, Finch have officially called it quits after a brief reunion. The band was in the process of writing a new album that would follow up their 2005 release, “Say Hello To Sunshine”. However, it appears that the band will not be completing the recording. They had this to say about the break:

“Over the past two years we as a band have obsessed tirelessly trying to bring you the best record Finch has ever made. Blowing everything else out of the water was the only option. If we couldn’t drop the bomb, we wouldn’t blow it up.” The band released their last full-length Say Hello To Sunshine all the way back in 2005 and reformed in 2007 after a brief hiatus. “Over the past few years we have collectively gone insane trying to achieve the common goal of writing our new record… It’s become obvious to all of us that the thing that made Finch such a special band to be in, was also the key ingredient that was tearing us apart. As we get older and broaden our musical pallets, we are all on separate planets drifting further and further out of orbit.”

The band stated that the break up was amiable and as a parting gift they have released a collection of new songs, rare tracks and live recordings up for streaming on their BandCamp Page.

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