First Blood set to release new album, “Silence Is Betrayal”

First Blood set to release new album, “Silence Is Betrayal”

San Francisco hardcore act First Blood have just announced that their months of hard work in the studio have now culminated with the upcoming release of their new album, Silence Is Betrayal. The album is set to hit stores November 9 on Bullet Tooth Records. Here’s a little bit of what vocalist Carl Schwartz had to say about the album,

This album is a story of the last four years of my life along with the events, ideas, and people that helped shape it. I had to release this album, because my own silence would be betrayal to those before me who have spoken, sacrificed, and devoted so much to keep their messages of truth, justice, and resistance alive. My goal was to lay it all on the table with each song, and put aside my concern about whether or not those who listen will ridicule, disagree, or take offense. The message had to be clear, and emotions must be stirred, because such response is vital if people are to discuss and keep these issues at the forefront, and maybe even find the inspiration to take action to share them with others.

Listen to a couple of tracks from the upcoming album, including Enemy and Lies, on the band’s MySpace page.

Silence Is Betrayal is the latest album from First Blood since their 2006 release Killafornia on Truskill.

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