Flatfoot 56 new album

Flatfoot 56 new album

flatfoot56Chicago’s Celtic-punk outfit Flatfoot 56 have finished recording their newest album and are presently shopping for a label to release it on.  Here’s what the band has to say about it:

The new album is totally finished and waiting to kill all who hear it with its sheer awesomeness. We have been hearing that rumors are going around that we scrapped the whole project and started over, but this is NOT true. The real reason for the delayed release is because we have been in negotiations with record labels for the past few weeks and trying to get that in place so we can get it out to you in the best way possible. We are shooting for an early 2010 release. We are extremely excited about it and can’t wait for Flatfoot fans to get their ears on its goodness. Expect some good hard-hitting tunes with a number of tracks featuring both Kyle and Justin’s vocals as leads.

The as-yet untitled full-length will arrive as the follow-up to the band’s 2007 release, “Jungle Of The Midwest Sea”. Johnny Rioux of Street Dogs took the helm as the album’s producer and engineer.

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