Fletcher talks about Jim Lindberg’s departure from Pennywise

Fletcher talks about Jim Lindberg’s departure from Pennywise

pennywiseThis morning Pennywise guitar player and founding member, Fletcher Dragge spoke to radio personalities Kevin & Bean regarding the recent departure of lead singer Jim Lindberg from the band.

According to Fletcher, it turns out that Jim’s decision to step down derived mainly from the fact that he did not want to tour as much as the rest of the band did.  The issue had apparently been a longstanding one but Jim’s decision to bail took the band mostly by surprise.

As the band stated earlier, this isn’t the end of Pennywise as a band, and the remaining members have not only started looking for a new singer, but also have a few shows scheduled with an as yet un-named lead vocalist standing in for the interim.

In regards to their search for a new singer, Fletcher stated the band has already been bombarded with applicants, but they are still unsure whether they will go with a well-known name to fill Lindberg’s shoes or some unknown “kid” who grew up on Pennywise and knows everysong by heart.

For all you Pennywise super fans out there, now is your time to make your rock & roll dreams come true.  Fletcher says the search will most likely be done via MySpace so ready the karaoke machine and the video camera, and start your submissions!

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