Free Album Download: Utopia Now – “Man In The Mirror” (recommended)

Free Album Download: Utopia Now – “Man In The Mirror” (recommended)

German one man punk act Utopia Now released his new album Man In The Mirror today (track list here).  The “band” now features original lead singer Stephen Serowy playing all instruments in addition to vocals since the rest of the band split in 2007.  I gotta say, from the sound of this album, he’s kicking ass just fine without his former band mates.  Might be hard to play a show though…

You can stream 2 tracks from the album (Terra Incognita and The Fifth Ape) on the band’s MySpace profile and if you like what you hear you can download the whole album for free right here.

01. Regicide
02. The fifth ape
03. What you are
04. Terra incognita
05. Afraid of Nothing
06. Shallow water
07. Everyone’s disease
08. Argumentum ad consequentiam
09. Perpetual emotion machine
10. Beyond anthropic dreams
11. Monochrome
12. Hubris
13. Brave open eyes
14. Youniverse
15. Daisy chain
16. Soliloquy
17. Epilogue

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