Free Comp Download: Intervention Records – “How The West Was One”

Free Comp Download: Intervention Records – “How The West Was One”

Intervention Records is offering a free download of a punk rock compilation entitled “How The West Was One.”

It features songs from Nothington, The Atom AgeRandom Orbits, DC Fallout, Black Sails Western Shores and more.  Check out the full tracklist here.

Grab your download here.

1)      Nothington – The Ocean
2)      Bastards Of Young – Earthquake Weather
3)      Know Your Saints – Tremors
4)      DC Fallout – Flavor Of The Week
5)      Young Generals – Effigies
6)      Wolves And Thieves – The Tide
7)      Random Orbits – Everything’s Coming Up Millhouse
8)      Danger Death Ray – Brother Don’t Go To Mesquite
9)      Black Sails Western Shores – Is It Worth It
10)   At Our Heels – Teeth And Bone
11)   The Damage Done – Quantum Leap
12)   Breaker Breaker One Niner – Sewer Weed
13)   Smokejumper – Be The Man
14)   Memoirs And Landmines – The Road
15)   The Secretions – Back In The Day Punk
16)   Tuck And Roll – Sleep Tonight
17)   The Pillowfights – Remember When Mark Was Straight Edge, I don’t
18)   T.R.Y! – Desire To Endure
19)   The Atom Age – Nothing Ever Changes
20)   The Gamut – Industry
21)   Boats – Oxyclean
22)   Infinite War – Tuesdays
23)   The Sweet Revenge – The Ballad Of The Silver Gun

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