Free Comp Download: The Arrest Records Mix Tape Volume 1

Free Comp Download: The Arrest Records Mix Tape Volume 1

Arrest Records is generously offering a free download of their “Arrest Records Mix Tape Volume 1.”  It originally came out on 300 white cassettes, but for the 99% of you that don’t own a cassette player we’ve got the digital download link for ya right here.

You can see the track list right here.

Year: 2010
The Bonus Army
1. Negative Outlooks
2. Defeated
Doggfight U.S
3. Sinking Ships And Raising Hell
4. Chivo Expiatorio
The Fake Boys
5. My Best Face
6. Raymond & James
Had It
7. Prestige Worldwide
8. Curse
Hammer Bros
9. Animal
10. All I Have Is Lowell
11. Fortress Of Scum
12. I Bleed Slime
Late Nite Wars
13. I’m Only going To Tell You This Twice
14. Members Only Karaoke
The Nasty
15. Piss On the world
16. Decapitated Deer In Headlights
17. No Truth
18. Voices
Think Again
19. I Don’t Care
20. The End Is Nigh
21. Hitting Home
22. Hath No Fury
23. Party Foul
24. Comply
25. The Resurrection Of Truth
26. Undertow
Word For Word
27. Breaking All The Rules
28. Courage Over Fear
Yellow Stitches
29. Broken Bottles (acoustic)
30. Tale Of A Fat Fucking Retard(acoustic)

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