Free download: The Cool Tour 2010 Download Pack

Free download: The Cool Tour 2010 Download Pack

This is pretty cool! In anticipation of the start of The Cool Tour 2010, you can get your copy of the festival’s download pack that is full of really cool things, including a sampler of some of the bands participating. Click here to grab yours and here to see what’s included in it/full tracklisting for the sampler.

The tour kicks off July 12 and will run until August 1 and will will feature As I Lay Dying, Underoath, Between The Buried And Me, BlessthefallCancer Bats, War Of Ages, as well as The Acacia Strain and Architects. Get all the location details here.

The Cool Tour 2010 Download Pack:

– As I Lay Dying merch coupon for $3 off a purchase over $30 at

– Underoath merch coupon for 15% off a purchase over $20 at

– Cancer Bats MP3 “Sabotage”

– Invisible Children Video

– Atticus Coupon for 25% off anything in the Atticus Black Webstore

– Alt Press Coupon for a 1 year digital subscription for only $5

– The Acacia Strain: “Dr. Doom (live),” taken from their recently released 2DVD “The Most Known Unknown.”

– War Of Ages MP3 “Collapse”

– Ding! Coupon for 20% off anything at

– Facedown Records coupon for 10% off merch and music at

– Blessthefall MP3 “To Hell And Back”

– Fearless coupon for 10% off

– Free Fearless Records Summer 2010 sampler

– 2010 Cool Tour New Artist Sampler (provided by Metal Blade Records & Good Fight Records).


1 The Absence- “Enemy Unbound”

2 Aeon- “Kill Them All”

3 Allegaeon- “The God Particle”

4 Barn Burner- “Holy Smokes”

5 Bison b.c.- “Two-Day Booze”

6 Brain Drill- “Monumental Failure”

7 Charred Walls Of The Damned- “Ghost Town”

8 Dawn of Ashes- “Seething the Flesh in the River of Phlegethon”

9 Fatal Embrace- “Wake the Dead”

10 Fleshwrought- “Mental Illness”

11 Istapp- “Vinterrket”

12 Kings Of Asgaard- “Vamods Tale”

13 Lightning Swords Of Death- “Nihilistic Stench”

14 The Ocean- “Swallowed By The Earth”

15 Return To Earth- “Back Of My Hand”

16 Skyforger- “In The Underworld”

17 System Divide- “Vagaries of Perception”

18 Valkyrja- “Oceans to Dust”

19 Woe Of Tyrants- “Creatures of the Mire”

20 Cancer Bats- “Dead Wrong”

21 Son of Aurelius- “Mercy For Today”

22 I Am Abomination- “Since 1776”

23 This Or The Apocalypse- “Charmer”

24 Rosaline- “London Lost Its Fog”

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