FREE Underground Communique Fest Sampler

FREE Underground Communique Fest Sampler

Underground Communique Records has announced a free sampler featuring a few new, unreleased songs and some select favorites from recent releases and a few kinda old releases.  The 14 -song compilation includes new, unreleased songs from Vacation Bible School, Olehole & Mexican Cheerleader. As well as previously released songs from: Hellmouth, Voice In The Wire, Explode And Make Up, The Copyrights, X One Way X, Shot Baker, The Methadones, The Honor System, Get Rad & the Killing Tree.

You can download it for free right here.

Track listing:
1. Vacation Bible School “You Plus Me Equals Shit” from “TBA” CD/LP (coming in early 2011)*
2. Vacation Bible School “Leaving Town” from “TBA” CD/LP (coming in early 2011)*
3. Olehole “Little Teeth” from “Guacamole” 7″(coming in early 2011)*
4. Hellmouth “Tragedy of a City” Split 7″
5. Voice In The Wire “Mark Each Word” from “Signals in Transmission” LP
6. Explode And Make Up “Crash And Byrne” from “Explode And Make Up” 12″ EP
7. The Copyrights “Holidays” from the Split LP with the Methadones
8. X One Way X “Aim For The Head” from “X One Way X” LP
9. Mexican Cheerleader “I’m a Mess” from “Genghis Puss” LP(coming in early 2011)*
10. Shot Baker “Glad to Be” (originally by the Vindictives) from “Vindictives Tribute” split 7″ with VBS
11. The Methadones “Under The Skyline” from the Split LP with the Copyrights
12. The Honor System “Fool’s Gold (demo)” from “Demo Tape” 7″
13. Get Rad “Cut The Noose” from “What The Fuck Happened To Common Sense” 12″ EP
14. Killing Tree “Violets Are Blue” from “Bury Me at Make-out Creek” LP (coming in early 2011)


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