Fucked Up as “Animal Man” release music video for “Do You Feed?”

Fucked Up as “Animal Man” release music video for “Do You Feed?”

Alright, this is a bit confusing for those not already in the know so let me try to bring everybody up to speed:

Earlier this year Toronto’s progressive punk act Fucked Up released a sort of joke compilation album for Record Store Day.  It was called “David’s Town” and it featured songs from 11 fictitious bands that were all from the fictitious town of Byrdesdale Spa, which is also the same town Fucked Up’s latest album “David Comes To Life” is set.  According to the fictional story behind the release, the whole thing was supposed to have been recorded in 1977 so all the “bands” have a late 70’s sound to them.  Of course, all the bands are really just Fucked Up playing in their various alter egos.  Still with me?  Good.  Now we’re getting to the point of this post…

One of the “bands” featured on the “David’s Town” comp is called Animal Man, and they (Fucked Up) has just released a music video for the song “Do You Feed? (The Curry Song)” which appeared on the comp.  You can check it out in all its silly glory here.

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