Full Album Stream: Alexander Hudjohn – “We Don’t Need A Map”

Full Album Stream: Alexander Hudjohn – “We Don’t Need A Map”

Alexander Hudjohn, former lead singer and guitar player for Anchor Down, released his second album, “We Don’t Need A Map,” yesterday and you can stream (and purchase) the entire thing on his bandcamp page.

Here’s what Alexander had to say about the release:

In a world where digitally altered voices rule the airwaves and manufactured “artists” are plastered all over our children’s lunch boxes. I still believe there are musicians out there wiling to spill their guts onto tape and let the listener sort it out. There is a reason we love to go watch musicians perform live. It’s raw, it’s real and all the true emotion is still evident. These tracks are simply me. One mic, one guitar, one voice. recorded in my living room one rainy September evening in Northeast Portland. What you hear, is what you get friends. This is tangible, this is real. Art is subjective and we don’t need a map. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your support.

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