Interview: Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) on the making of “Anarchy Evolution”

Interview: Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) on the making of “Anarchy Evolution”

In an interview with, Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin is talking about why he made his book “Anarchy Evolution.” He says:

“I spent 30 years with my band writing about a society that circled around religion because the band’s name is Bad Religion. We always thought we would write topical material and hopefully provoke people to think a little about some of these challenging issues. Bad Religion was a good forum to do that, but I was also studying evolution for those 30 years and instead of religion, I used science to make sense of the world. It might seem kind of weird to some people that someone would study science and sing punk rock at the same time. But it’s true, those two things developed side by side in my life and finally, after 30 years, I wanted to make some sense of it. For myself, really. To make a coherent world view out of the two streams of consciousness.”

His band, Bad Religion, is currently on tour supporting its latest album “The Dissent of Man.” That’s their first album since 2007’s “New Maps of Hell.” Speaking of this, they are also putting out a vinyl box set featuring all 15 of their studio albums.

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