Album Review: Guns on The Run – “The Spirit Is Eternal”

Album Review: Guns on The Run – “The Spirit Is Eternal”

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Punk rock always has been, and forever will be, the voice of a generation that is striving for change and enlightens people to the perceived affront against their fellow man. Punk has never been afraid to take on the toughest issues facing us as a society. Punk has shown a light into the deepest and darkest recesses of our souls. While the mainstream world was buying up The New Kids on The Block’s “Hangin Tough” album, Jeff Nelson of Minor Threat fame was attacking the establishment with his “Meese is a Pig” t-shirts and posters.

Fast forward to 2010. Once again a punk band has laid their hearts and souls bare on a very solid release by Warbird Entertainment. Without sounding pretentious or accusatory, Guns on the Run put together a very solid and hard hitting album. The band hails from Philadelphia and I was fortunate enough recently to get a hold of their “The Spirit is Eternal” release on Warbird Entertainment. The songs on this, The Guns fourth studio release in almost as many years, are songs of frustration and anger at a system that seems more content to eat itself from the inside. When you open the CD you find liner notes that have a well written prologue by Tommy Gunnz. He expresses his frustration with the status quo world that devours it’s young and breaks wills. A system that has done nothing but spend us into an almost insurmountable debt and sent our best and brightest to die on foreign soil for a country that is more interested in attacking political beliefs than fixing the state. The first track, “On the Run” bursts from the CD with an admission that we have all committed infractions in our lives and that taking a stand is one of the greatest things a man can do in his life. “For the Fallen” starts off with the final paragraph of Patrick Henry’s famous treason speech in front of the House of Burgesses. The song that follows is an anthem of appreciation for all of those who have shed blood in defense of this great nation, a plea for all of those listening to open their eyes to the world around them and make a stand for the common man. Another solid song on this album is “Rock n Roll Rebel”, a song that reminds us to never forget family.

“Guns on The Run” all in all, put together a very solid album of anthems that appeals to all of us. “Guns on The Run” play music that is heavily influenced by both past and present. The album encompasses so many different problems the common man faces now a days. With poverty, crime and love being underlying themes, the band consisting of Tommy Gunnz, Bobby Guns, Johnny Guns and Paddy Guns, kick your door in with a sound that cannot be ignored. Although this is the forth release by the Philadelphia based band. It is their first on Warbird Entertainment. Having previous released on legendary Blackout! Records, Creep and Battle Hymns Records, This release is their finest to date. Guns on The Run have done three U.S tours and hopefully will drag their carcasses across the dusty pot holed highways of this great nation again soon. If Guns on The Run are as good live, it promises to be a great show.

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