Hawthorne Heights’ behind the tour

Hawthorne Heights’ behind the tour

hawthorne-heightsWe announced last week that Hawthorne Heights will be on tour and today the band has released an official statement regarding the tour itself and its supporting acts:

This tour will not include any bullshit like lip syncing, ego boxes, light and sound guys, or expensive back drops. It will include a very personal rock show experience from bands who care about their fans. Come have fun. Leave your negative attitude at the door.

Head to the Full Story page for the complete statement from the band.

The band is on tour this upcoming November and you can check the dates here.

Just Surrender

We first met these guys playing a show in a backyard in New Martinsville, WV like 5 years ago. We have been following them ever since and are excited to do an extended tour with them. They have been constantly putting out great music with a lot of passion and energy.

We used to play tons of shows with these guys way before the HH days at Knights of Columbus. I have known them for over ten years and happy to tour with old friends. I started talking to Steve and he came up with the idea of doing something really special for their fans…long time former member Paul Menotiades will be performing with Punchline on this tour. I can’t even describe how excited I am about this. I think their CD “Action” is one of the best pop punk records I have ever heard. You aren’t gonna miss this…it could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for true Punchline fans.

Monty Are I
Simply put…I heard these guys tear up the stage live. These clubs require so much energy, and we think they can provide it. They have a new record coming out which is full of anthems that will be great to see live. Looking forward to meeting them…hopefully they will bring us some Spikes Junkyard Dogs.

I have never met these guys, but we love to take out up and coming bands. We feel it is necessary to return the favor to the new school music scene. They better be nice guys, because I dig their music.

He has been a friend of ours for years, and that is really special to us. Nick was in ADITL years ago and has been a guitar tech for us as well. We are just looking forward to hanging out with Nightbeast and letting him showcase his music. He might play naked. He might wear a thong. He can’t see worth a shit…but can write some witty tongue in cheek type songs. Don’t miss Nightbeast’s first extended tour. He will make fun of you from stage.

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