Heroes For Hire continue on without frontman Brad Smith

Heroes For Hire continue on without frontman Brad Smith

Australian pop-punk act, Heroes For Hire, has departed with frontman Brad Smith, and replaced him with guitarist Duane Hazell. The band released the following statement:

Hello internet.

So last night we announced that we were moving forward without Brad and a lot of people got very upset. We thought we’d provide a bit of a better explanation for all of you who were wondering what the hell happened.

Basically, if we didn’t remove Brad, the band would’ve broken up. If you ever saw us live you’d know that it was a pretty drunken, rambling, loose punk rock show. That’s all well and good, but we did actually want to be a great live band. Unfortunately Brad wasn’t up to the task and after years of pleading and begging was still no better than the banana haired dude in an All Time low shirt with pink gaf tape wrapped around his mic doing points on Bondi Beach in 2008. Sad but true, so we had to make a decision.

As for the music, Duane has written everything from Life Of The Party onwards – guitar, bass, drums, vocals, lyrics – everything. Our producer Steve and Buddha, Alex our old guitarist and Gremlin all helped out on No Apologies but the main point is, Brad didn’t actually write anything so there’s no difference there.

Whether you believe any of that, or more importantly, even care, is entirely up to you. We’ve already been working on a stack of new material and will be touring solidly through 2013 and beyond.

See you round.

The band last released “No Apologies” September 28th 2012.

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