Hit The Lights vocalist Nick gives update on the band, new album, and new label

Hit The Lights vocalist Nick gives update on the band, new album, and new label

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from the boys at Hit The Lights, aside from the news that they would be featured on the Punk Goes Classic Rock compliation. Vocalist Nick gave fans an update today on his blog in which he talks about why they’ve been MIA. According to the blog post, the band has found a new label and have begun writing material for the new record.

If you’re a fan of HTL, you might find this encouraging:

I will have you know that this has already been the most prepared for a record we’ve ever been and we haven’t even gotten started.

But you might find this a little discouraging:

This new record is going to mean the future of HTL.  We’ve heard from all sides of the spectrum.  From: we shouldn’t change, to:  we should go back to our “old” sound and: that we need to do something completely different.  I think it’s right on all counts.  In these past months we’ve explored more of the skip school style, more of the stick-up style and have been pushing ourselves into territories we haven’t been before.  Why am I writing this?  Because I’m rarely serious but I think that this is something serious that should be brought up and discussed with the fans.  This record will be different from the others, and it needs to be.

But you’ll agree that this is good:

We need a record that can be loved by our fans and pull in new fans as well.  This record needs to push us harder as a band and it needs to MEAN something.

You can read more here.

Hit The Lights released their latest LP, Coast To Coast, last September on Triple Crown.

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