HORSE the Band: Interview on AOL’s Noise Creep

HORSE the Band: Interview on AOL’s Noise Creep

horse-the-band-desperate-livingHORSE the Band is interviewed by AOL’s Noise Creep. The interview is quite insightful, actually. The band talks about their latest album, their  video game sound and how they induced creativity in their singer and lyricist, Nathan Winneke, by giving him drugs. Guitarist David Isen tells Noise Creep:

Our singer, Nathan [Winneke], had been writing lyrics, and we liked some and others we didn’t. To help him expand his mind and break outside the box, I gave him Ambien. He would take it at night, trip out and start writing amazing, epic poems that started out making sense. But by the end, they made no sense.

Check out the full interview here.

Horse the Band’s latest album, Desperate Living, was released October 6th on Vagrant Records.

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