Horse The Band releasing new album “Desperate Living”

Horse The Band releasing new album “Desperate Living”

vagrantrecords5Horse The Band will be releasing their album “Desperate Living” October 6 on Vagrant Records. The album will have 12 tracks including the track “Shapeshift” which was recently released via 7″.  You can check out the complete tracklisting on the Full Story page.

Horse The Band released their last album “A Natural Death” on Koch in 2007.

1. Cloudwalker
2. Desperate Living
3. The Failure Of All Things
4. HORSE the song (featuring K-SLAX)
5. Science Police
6. Shapeshift (featuring Jamie Stewart)
7. Between The Trees
8. Golden Mummy Golden Bird
9. Lord Gold Wand of Unyielding (featuring Lord Gold and His Purple Majesty)
10. Big Business (featuring Ed Edge)
11. Rape Escape (featuring Valentina Lisitsa)
12. Arrive

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