Huntingtons album “High School Rock” remastered

Huntingtons album “High School Rock” remastered

highschoolrock11 years ago, the Huntingtons released their best selling studio album “High School Rock” and while it was received well by fans, the guys were not 100% pleased with the record. One band member in particular, Cliff Powell (better known as “Cliffy Huntington”) made it a mission to re-create and remaster “High School Rock”. Every year Cliff would ask the bands label, Tooth and Nail, if they could do a remix and every time he was turned down.

5 years ago Cliff took his passion and interest in the art of mastering records and started his own official business: Steinhaus Mastering. Every now and then he would attempt to re-create “High School Rock” and was still never satisfied with the results….until now! Several months ago he came across a “mastering technique”..whatever the hell that is.. that gave the album that extra little oomf it had been missing for so long. He sent it to the guys at Tooth and Nail and it eventually worked its way to the head honcho who then finally agreed to give the new and improved album a digital re-release.

“High School Rock (Remastered)” hits all digital outlets via Tooth and Nail Records on August 11th. It also includes “I Just Want To Have Something To Do”, previously available only as a bonus track on the vinyl version of the record.

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