I See Stars part ways with screamer/vocalist Christopher Moore

I See Stars part ways with screamer/vocalist Christopher Moore

Michigan post-hardcore/emo screamo act I See Stars have parted ways with screamer Chris Moore.

Chris writes,

“The last year and a half has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not much can compare to living on the road with a number of your best friends. Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold &everything must eventually come to an end. For me; that time has dwindled up upon itself. For the most part, it was a mutual agreement in which I See Stars and I have parted ways. Every single kid that came out to a show, dude I’ve shared the road with, venue owner/promoter that took us in, and anyone I’ve met along the way that has supported me – they ALL mean the WORLD to me. Never thought I’d be giving that up for anything, but, along the way it felt as if this experience was indefinitely being tainted. There’s a dream in which a world where all words, sayings, meanings and phrases stand equally amongst each other. No word(s) of hate to come between a dream & a dream. Few musicians in this scene would have to deal with such a burden. Ultimately, my dream has distinguished with this group, which, in return accumulated artistic differences as well. Music is part of my bloodstream; it’s a vein connected from my heart to my mind to my soul to the world. This I could never let go, so, I’ve posted a track on my MySpace and started works for my solo project entitled “CDVR”, in which I will allow that stream to continue. Real talk.”

I See Stars will be playing the entire Warped Tour circuit, so check out their Dying Scene Shows page for dates and locations.

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