Interview: Dying Scene catches up with the Koffin Kats

Interview: Dying Scene catches up with the Koffin Kats

p1040594-rsWhile many people in Oakland were settling into bed last Tuesday, the Koffin Kats from Detroit were preparing for their set at the Uptown night club. Supporting acts Tater Famine and the Jim Rowdy Band had warmed the crowd up at this intimate weeknight psychobilly show.  Dying Scene was able to sit down with Koffin Kat’s guitarist Tommy Koffin for a brief interview. Check out what he said here.

DS: I saw you this summer at Rebellion 09, what were your reactions to playing a festival like this?
TK: That festival is fucking amazing. Ya there were so many cool people there. The only thing that sucked was we had to leave an hour after we played to drive four hours to catch our flight back to Detroit.

DS: Have you ever played a festival like that before?
TK: We did a couple festivals earlier in that tour, but Rebellion was definitely the cool one.

DS: Did you notice a difference in fans between the US and England?
TK: Hahaha, ya, definitely, I mean especially here on the West Coast, there’s always a great scene.

DS: You have a great psychobilly sound, what are your influences?
TK: Man, we got a lot. You know, a lot of SoCal punk, Bad Religion, bands like that, that have been around awhile.

DS: What is your favorite live show memory?
TK: I think my favorite one would be with Andy Martinez. We were just partying backstage and somebody farted, and me and Andy just started throwing up all over the backstage, all over all the gear. But, everybody there was cool, security wasn’t too bad (they weren’t too happy), but everybody just brought us more beer, coolers full, just getting wasted.

DS: Did it stink? Did you figure out who farted?
TK: Oh man, it was fucking horrible, we never figured it out.

DS: Where would you like to tour that you haven’t?
TK: (no hesitation) Japan. We heard it was great over there, we’re just trying to come up with the funds to get over there, you know it’s a lot of stuff to get together.

DS: Do you think you would be well received in Japan?
TK: From everybody else that we know that’s went over there they’ve just said it was amazing. You get treated like kings.

DS: Why so many drummers?
TK: Haha, well, the first one, the one we have now, Eric, was our original drummer; this is when we first started and we kind of had a conflict of interest type thing. The second one was like 32, he owned his own house, we weren’t really making money at all, and he just had a lot of bills and responsibilities. The third one, he had a pretty good job, a lot more security than just taking off on tours.

DS: With different drummers, did you notice a difference in the style The Koffin Kats played? Any plans for a new drummer in the near future?
TK: We’re definitely more solid now. Catch brought us to more of the faster stuff, he was just super cool. But we’re pretty secure with Eric, he’ll be here for awhile.

DS: The 3-piece psychobilly band seems to be the standard, have you thought of bringing in different instruments for an album or certain song to change your sound?
TK: We’d like to, definitely for a CD, but it’s really hard because we always like to do shit that we can pull off live, and it’s hard with some stuff to recreate. But it’s something that we would definitely love to do.

DS: And finally, on behalf of Jo Problems in LA, if you could put your balls on any landmark or piece of art what would it be?
TK: Probably Jim Morrison’s grave . . . . out of respect.

So there you have it folks, a little insight into the mind of  Tommy Koffin.  The Koffin Kats have a new album Forever For Hire set to be released today on Stomp Records. Find it at a store near you! The Koffin Kats are still on tour, you can check out their tour dates at Dying Scene Shows.

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