Interview: Fat Mike (NOFX) talks punk trends, partying and his S&M dungeon (seriously)

Interview: Fat Mike (NOFX) talks punk trends, partying and his S&M dungeon (seriously)

Did you know NOFX lead singer, Mike Burkett (“Fat Mike”), had an S&M dungeon in his house when he was married?  I guess it’s not that surprising, but we didn’t know it either.  The iconic front-man revealed that little tidbit and a lot more in a recent interview with The Daily Times.  Topics covered range from the aforementioned sexual proclivities to how difficult it’s been for Burkett to come up with new material after 27 years of song writing.

“There are some really good songs on ‘Coaster,’ but after having written 300 songs, I feel lucky I came up with them. That’s why there are songs on there about Iron Maiden and Tegan and Sara. I’m reaching, man. Sometimes I grab stuff just to grab stuff, and I’m going in a lot of different directions.”

Regarding the state of the punk scene in general, Burkett states:

“There are still good punk bands everywhere — punk rock is still alive and going. It’s just that the bands that get noticed are the stupid sellout bands. Just become some little bands with guys that brush their hair forward are getting all the attention doesn’t mean that punk isn’t the same as it ever was.”

He also touches on what he thinks of Obama and why he feels the need to get so wasted on stage, among other things.  It’s a pretty great read actually, so check out the full interview here.

NOFX is taking Teenage Bottlerocket and Old Man Markley on a European vacation this April. You can check out the dates here.

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