Interview: Taylor Eby (Handguns) talks new record and future plans

Interview: Taylor Eby (Handguns) talks new record and future plans

Pennsylvania based Handguns are having a good year. Just putting out a record and getting off a long summer with Warped Tour, they are already planning to head out to do it again. Recently recording their newest album “Anywhere But Home” with Nik from Man Overboard, they have been on a steady diet of touring, writing, and getting it pressed on vinyl.

Dying Scene caught up with singer Taylor Eby to talk about their newest release “Anywhere But Home”, what the future holds for Handguns, his favorite horror movie and a myriad of other things.  Check out the interview right here.

So give us a quick run down about where Handguns started and what you guys are all about.

Jake and I met when my old band played with the original Handguns line up in the winter of last year. We got to know each other and our bands ended up doing a weekend tour in November of last year. Both of our bands were having member problems. Jake had just booked a full US for Handguns and their singer left because he was offered a very well paying job. So I ended up taking singing duties. Nate was originally supposed to be just a fill in for two shows but we ended up convincing him to quit his job at McDonalds and come on tour.

You just released a new CD “Anywhere but Home”, tell us a little bit about this.

It’s essentially a record about how none of us really feel a sense of security at home. We can’t hold down real jobs and don’t have a lot of friends at home. We are basically just losers and our sense of security comes from the people we meet at shows, the bands we meet, and doing what we love.

So you recorded with the Nik from Man Overboard, how was it recording with him and how do you feel about the final product.

Recording with Nik was an awesome experience. He has a great ear for know what sounds good and what doesnt. We had a great time. As for the overall product, we are very proud of this record and we couldn’t have made it sound as good without him.

It will be coming out on vinyl as we speak, any info on this?

Yes! Our awesome friend, Cassidy from Washington state is putting it out for us. Pre orders are available now through

You guys are tour animals and just saw the country following warped tour but not playing it. Can you tell us a little about this?

We we’re selling our cds in the line which Jake had done for the band last year while he was on tour with Protagonist. He knew a lot of people this year and we actually got hooked up with jobs at the Rise records tent and the Bridge Nine tent. We got to sell our cds at the tents and met a ton of cool people. We played some off shoot shows as well.

Video from Summer 2010 tour.

Any other plans to tour soon?

Of course. We’re going out with a Band called The Tired and True from Connecticut in September for a two week tour and then another full U.S. in October. Two weeks of the full U.S. will be with our friends I Call Fives.

You guys have been playing a new song “I Hope He Kills You” at shows, when can we expect to hear this on CD?

You can expect to hear that when we release our 7″ to be named through Pure Noise Records.

Any other news you want to include?

Jake is a great dude and we are all really stoked.

Ok, so here’s some random questions. Have fun.

East coast or west coast.?

Scenery-wise, definitely the west coast. The east coast has some pretty awesome food though.

Movielife or Saves The day?

I’m definitely all about the movielife. I still got mad love for Saves the Day.

What the fuck is lording out?

Haha, just a phrase that caught on to us thanks to Man Overboard.

Best band out there now?

Transit’s newest record has been on repeat, they have so much talent, it’s crazy.

Also our friends in Forever Came Calling are hardworking dudes and make solid music as well.

Favorite rap artist?

I’m not really big on rap but when Nate drives he ALWAYS plays Eminem and it gets stuck in my head.

Why is Jake the man?

Because he is completely insane and obnoxious but he means what he says and does and has a big heart.

Van sex or bathroom sex?

I don’t really get much “action” but if I had to choose, it would probably be the Bathroom. The vans a little too confined for my liking haha

Favorite horror movie?

Dude, I saw this movie called the House of the Devil. I was bored at home and decided to order it. For the first hour I was like what the fuck is this because absolutely nothing was happening but right when I said that to myself It got spooky as shit and I couldn’t sleep for days.

Guilty pleasure?

Playing tetris and blasting Coheed.

Are you still in denial?

hahahaha I don’t know what to say

Dream tour w/ Handguns…Go!

New Found Glory, Paramore, Blink 182, you get the idea.

Mac or PC?

I’m poor so I’d have to go with a Pc.

What’s your sports team?

I don’t really watch sports. When I do I’m usually watching the Ravens so I can laugh at my dad flip out at the TV screen.

Best summer tour 2010 story.

Hmmm. We were in Florida and we needed showers, badly. So there was a hose behind the venue where we had just played at and we got naked and showered outside in plain view. Luckily it was dark out though.

Handguns is going to record a split tomorrow and you need to pick a band tonight. who do you call?

It would probably have to be our friends Forever Came Calling, whom I mentioned earlier.

Thanks for the time Taylor and good luck with everything.

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